Counsellor Bio

Hercules Brabazon Brabazon, Walls of a North African City, British, 1821 - 1906, , watercolor over graphite on laid paper, Joseph F. McCrindle Collection

Since becoming a therapist, the majority of my career has been spent working abroad.

I spent the last nine years living and working in Phnom Penh as both an expat and as a therapist, and while there I opened a therapy clinic: Before here I spent two years in Buenos Aires, and before Argentina seven years in the U.S. This all gave me quite a good understanding of life as a foreigner. And since returning to Britain, my birth country, I also know a lot about feeling a stranger in your homeland! All this travel was really due to an interest I have in other cultures; in other ways of doing things.

In these places I worked with teachers and school administrators, journalists, armed forces, human rights lawyers, diplomats, English teachers, business people, and N.G.O. workers. I’ve attached here an article from a local paper from Phnom Penh that explains a little more about the work I was doing: