Entrepreneur , France
Working with Richard, I have found the experience very interesting and effective. Richard has a broad toolkit making him able to always shed an eye-opening light on any issues I faced.
He made it possible for me to uncover areas of my life that were hard to manage and relate to, then helped me find better and more balanced approach allowing me to yield significant visible improvements in those areas. I’d strongly recommend working with him.
Lawyer, Australia

I saw Richard for several months during an extremely difficult time in my personal and professional life. I was facing enormous pressures at work and relationship breakdown at home. I was psychologically and emotionally unwell. Richard worked with me through all of these issues, and explored with me traumatic events which I had not been comfortable discussing with anyone for a long time.

Richard is one of the most intelligent people I have dealt with. He has incredible insight. His analysis is discerning, tangible and constructive. I found him to also be extremely supportive and compassionate. Furthermore, it was obvious to me that Richard spent significant amounts of time analysing my problems and preparing for our sessions. As a legal professional, I was impressed at seeing how much effort Richard dedicated to this.

It would be fair to say I had viewed the idea of counselling with some scepticism. I come from a macho profession in which people are expected to simply lick their wounds, and move on. But seeing Richard was transformational, and one the best things I have done for myself. I highly recommend him to anyone who is facing personal, relationship or professional problems, or who simply feels in need of psychological assistance, counselling or support.

Teacher, Zimbabwe

You really look at the whole person, at the long term person… you totally let all the aha’s and changes and answers come from within the client….even if that takes time…. but in doing so it really brings change.  But you somehow do it differently to other therapists I’ve been to (and there quite a few!!)  I learned to hear my inner dialogue, to feel the emotions and be comfortable with all that is going on. Helped with the  fear or the natural resisting and burying of “bad” parts of me… so I now see them as “just one part of many making up a balanced whole” … ‘bad’ was not bad…it was there to show me, teach me, protect me, etc. and I don’t have to let go of anything I don’t want to.  And I’m now aware of what I want and don’t want and I honour that voice and follow it.

Pastor, France

Since the age of 15 I had been suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It took a complete hold of my life. I went out at age 26 to Cambodia to help out those living on the streets and the slums of Phnom Penh. OCD was following me everywhere. In Cambodia or when I would fly overseas. A few years ago I was encouraged to see a specialist. I met Richard Jefferson at his counseling room in Phnom Penh. The first meeting I knew I had come to the right place and had someone in front of me who understood and made me feel comfortable.

The road to healing and restoration took some time but Richard did not give up. His wisdom, compassion and insight brought the hope I needed in the midst of my despair. Those sessions with Richard were ‘waves of fresh air’ in my troubled life. I thank God for Richard’s help and encouragement. The right man at the right time.

I’m now 43 and have learnt to walk free from my past.

IT Manager, China

I found the therapy very beneficial. Jefferson worked with me as I learned to own and process my feelings, and to recognize and accept the impacts of my troubled past. Avoiding rejection and disapproval is no longer a primary concern. These small but significant changes together have brought me to a place where I feel, for the first time, empowered to make choices not from fear but from passion and my core beliefs.

I recently left the full-time job that I hadn’t enjoyed much for 4 years. I was very happy to do so because I feel confident and look forward to the exciting future. In the past year, I tried to pursue 2 guys but the feelings were not mutual. I am proud to say that I handled the situations in a much better way than a few years back. Thanks to the changes that have happened to my life because of you.